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Krishna Avanti Primary School, is an inclusive Hindu faith school that provides a warm, friendly and engaging learning environment for children from all backgrounds and walks of life. This school is part of the Avanti Schools Trust. Our family of schools, work together to constantly strive to improve our service to the pupils, parents and others in the school community. Our inclusive approach to spirituality means that students with or without a faith background are always welcome at all Avanti Schools. The partnership between Avanti schools extends not merely to the sharing of good practice and an exchange of staff, but also joint pupil activities. We are also very proud of our links with the local community and the support we receive from our pupils, parents, faith partner and the Trust.

Avanti’s first school opened in 2008, and since then 5 more schools have been opened and 2 more are approved and in pre-opening. All schools in the Avanti Schools Trust prepare pupils for their respective life-journeys by promoting educational excellence, character formation and spiritual insight.

Krishna Avanti Primary School, Croydon

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Avanti exists to help each person become a well-rounded human being through intellectual, moral and spiritual growth, and so make the world a better place.

Avanti Schools support each person’s life journey along three parallel paths: Educational excellence; Character formation; and Spiritual insight.

Avanti’s unique ethos places a key emphasis on each individual’s wellbeing and good mental health. Children with higher levels of emotional, behavioural, social, and school wellbeing, on average, have higher levels of academic achievement and are more engaged in the school community. All our schools share a dedicated approach to wellbeing, from providing yoga and mindfulness sessions, sports and exercise, charity work, and working with parents and carers as co-educators.

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